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Below is a small collection of some of thousands of chemtrail videos that are available on the internet. If you know of a good video that we’ve missed, please add a comment below with a link to the video .

Warning: Some of these videos may contain strong language.

Goodbye Blue Sky

This is what many of us are becoming more and more familiar with – dozens of planes (often unidentifiable) passing above our heads, blocking out essential sunlight as they turn our blue skies white.

On-off spraying captured on video by a pilot.

This is what is looks like from above. Firsthand footage from pilots as they comment on a tanker spraying what is likely to be aluminium oxide.

Low altitude on-off spraying from military planes captured by a pedestrian.

Our government is clearly wrong when it claims these are commercial planes. And if this is merely water condensation trails from the planes’ jet engines, then how does the second plane keep going?

On-off spraying captured on video by another pedestrian. (Caution: contains bad language.)

Excuse the bad language on this one but, with the UK government taking zero action on this (apart from consistent denial), you might be able to understand this guy’s frustration.

Former USDA inspector addresses United Nations about chemtrails and geoengineering

This is a UN presentation from 2007 by Dr Rosalind Peterson, the excellent delivery of which can be seen to gain a very encouraging response from the room.

Geoengineering and Chemtrails Evidence presented at Public Hearing in Shasta, California

Researcher Dane Wigington (from and a number of other key speakers present a compelling case that geoengineering is not merely a proposal but is happening to us right now without our consent.

Petition and Directive to Ban Geoengineering deliver to Downing Street

From May 2014, this is when hundreds of us marched to #10 to deliver our petition and the Directive.

What in the World Are They Spraying?

A full documentary on what is going on in our skies.

Why in the World Are They Spraying?

The sequal documentary.

Max Bliss – Chembuster 3

Max Bliss discussing chemtrails and geoengineering.

Chemtrail blitz – again! Kent, UK – 17th September 2012

“Chemtrails & black lines”, Southend, UK – 17th September 2012

Chemical spray day plus contrails – Surrey, UK – September 2012

Chemtrails, Hatfield UK, – 12pm, 16th August 12

BBC admit to aerosol spraying/chemtrails geoengineering

Shocking aerosol attack – England, 8th September 2012

Geoengineering must be banned

Non-stop chemtrails over South Hampshire, UK – 8th September 2012

SkyWatch Time-Lapse – 1st to 7th August

Chemtrails, Wales, UK

Don’t look up – you might see something important!

Chemtrails in Brighton, Sussex, UK – wake up!

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