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“Precipitation Enhancement” = Making It Rain

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“Here we have part of a 2013 report from the UN WMO confirming active “weather modification projects” in 42 nations. Note how many nations have been engaged in “precipitation enhancement” Source In official documents Weather modification is sometimes termed “geoengineering”, “solar radiation management” or “radiative forcing”. “Current catalogue of countries active in weather modification activities […]

Cyprus GREEN PARTY members won’t let the chemtrail controversy go away

Cyprus-Mail chemtrail
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GREEN PARTY members called on the public to join them at an event to raise awareness of chemtrail and geo- engineering phenomena, which they say is happening in the skies over Cyprus. Chemtrails are said to be different from contrails, the trail that aircrafts leave in their wake A peaceful protest was held on Saturday […]

A Flood of Policies and a Pack of Dam(n) Lies: The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels

The Environment Agenc
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The denial of the Chairman of the Environment Agency that the Somerset Levels have been deliberately flooded as EU policy flies in the face of the fact that the policy is published in his own agency’s documentation. “No, that certainly hasn’t been …certainly since I’ve been chairman of the Environment Agency, which was after that […]

Air Pollution. Aircraft and the Cancerous Haze of Mainstream Reporting. Why aren’t aircraft mentioned as a source of air pollution?

chemtrails & media
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“Pollution in the air we breathe is a leading environmental cause of cancer, the World Health Organisation has said.”   Believe it or not, this is the opening line in an Independent article about the fact that air pollution causes cancer. I wonder how many geniuses it took to come to this conclusion and how […]

Film Screening to Expose Climate Manipulation Prior to Pro Geo-engineering Lecture

why invite
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The award winning film “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” will be screened – one day prior to a pro geo-engineering lecture given by Dr. John Shepherd titled “Engineering The Climate: Is It The Answer?“ This ground breaking documentary pulls back the curtain on global weather modification programmes showing it to be in full […]