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CRACKED! Top Climate Scientist Admits to Ongoing Geoengineering

Top Climate Scientist Prof Tim Lenton Admits to Geoengineering
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Professor Tim Lenton (Chair in Climate Change/Earth Systems Science, University of Exeter) provided one of the many positive outcomes of this summer’s climate change conference in Paris. You may have missed this major admission from Professor Lenton which we originally broke in our Paris Report, so we revisit it here and round off with a […]

New “Contrails?” Mobile App

It's Happening
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Please Help Us Reach Our Funding Goal We need to raise funds for the development of a unique mobile phone application that will stride the movement towards exposing the global contrail deception whilst empowering activists at all levels. This app will strip politicians, weathermen, your friends and anyone else of the plausible deniability that they […]

TTIP Day of Action

TTIP Protest
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This Saturday (22nd August 2015), across Europe, thousands of people will be taking to their local streets to raise awareness of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). To find your nearest event and to get involved, please visit the 38 Degrees Organising Hub. To learn a bit more about TTIP, please read on (or […]

Book Your Place on the Chemtrails Bus!

Chemtrails drive - London bus tour 2015
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We’re planning to be back in London, this time with a bang – and a bus! Introducing the ultimate chemtrails drive… Imagine 60 of us aboard an ‘open-topped’ London bus draped with Weather Modification banners, touring the City for a few hours! This could happen in July or August!! We’ll also be able to get […]

Global March Against Geoengineering – London, 25th April 2015

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Get your banners, placards and loudest voice ready for what promises to be another memorable day of public awareness raising about geoengineering and chemtrails. Meeting at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park at 12 noon on Saturday, 25th April. More details on the facebook event page. If you’re not based in the UK, you can find your nearest event by checking out […]

An Open Letter to Dr David Keith

Dr David Keith chemtrails geoengineering
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Dr Keith is one of the most prominent proponents of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG). In this open letter, we challenge Dr Keith with a number of concerns regarding the SAG proposal. Dear Dr Keith, I have seen your Colbert Report interview where you appear to publicise and promote the idea of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) – namely, the spraying of thousands […]

We are the 99%.

Chemtrails - We are the 99%
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This video is a perfect example of what people power can achieve. Chemtrails are only mentioned briefly, but we simply had to share the video (above) as it is truly inspiring. From the YouTube description: 15th of August 2014 and the attempted eviction from his home by Bully Bailiffs. Having exhausted all legal and lawful means to […]

Geoengineering Watch’s Dane Wigington Impresses at Public Hearing

Chemtrails plane
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Possibly the most compelling case yet that geoengineering is already being performed in our skies without public consent was put forward at last week’s Shasta County Board of Supervisors / Air Quality Management hearing in Shasta, California. A large number of experts, professionals and residents of Shasta County stepped up to present their evidence and […]