Rainwater Test Kit and Analysis

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Due to the dissatisfactory delays involved with customers receiving their kits and/or results, we are suspending the rainwater testing service until further notice.

We will make an announcement if/when we re-launch the service.

This is a single-use kit that you can use to send your rainwater sample to our laboratory.

The price (which we make a small loss on) includes analysis, with your results being added to our rainwater test kit results map.

Please note: Because this service is provided by the lab at cost price, there may be significant delays in getting the test kits delivered and the results analysed. These delays can be several weeks and are often beyond our immediate control. If you would like to enquire about the progress of your order/analysis, you can contact the lab directly on 0117 958 3448. (It may help to have your Chemtrails Project UK order number handy, which you’ll find in your order confirmation email.)

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Product Description

The kit is a 250ml sample bottle and printed instructions on how to collect the rainwater & labels. Basically the instructions are to collect the rainwater in a plastic bowl ( glass can absorb some elements) which should be in an elevated position away from other contaminants. Funnel 250 mls of rainwater into the bottle, label, seal and send to lab using postage paid label.

The printed instructions includes a description of the suite of elements tested for: aluminium, baruim, strontim, manganese, titanium and sulphates, along with the PH. As we liaise with Frances Mangels in the US we will get a professional analysis of the results which will be featured on our interactive results map to show scientific proof that the elements of geoengineering are occurring in our skies.

2 reviews for Rainwater Test Kit and Analysis

  1. 2 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Received my kit in august 2015 and delivered it by hand to Waterfall, Bristol in early Nov. NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING DESPITE SEVERAL CALLS. Please return my £28

    • James Hodgskiss


      Hello Ann, We’ve continually had major problems with this lab. I’m really sorry that your rainwater kit never arrived. I’ve just sent you a refund. Apologies again, James

  2. 2 out of 5


    When are the kit sales being resumed????????? Whats going on???????

    • James Hodgskiss


      Hello Carl. Kit sales halted due to ongoing problems with the lab. No plans at the moment to resume them as focusing on the forthcoming mobile app.

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